• Q: I have a suggestion for the next Zombieville update! Let us buy ammo! Don't make us start over at level 1!
    A: We finally caved in and added purchasable ammo, extra lives, melee weapons. Next up on our to-do list is finish our next game! But we would like to release another update to Zombieville - the most likely new features are different costumes for the player, boss zombies, different locations, and perhaps a new mode beyond the basic "survival" game.
  • Q: What about co-op over bluetooth?
    A: That would be awesome! It would also require re-writing the whole game from scratch practically, so its very unlikely to happen. We're big fans of co-op in games though, so we feel your pain...
  • Q: How can I find out about your next game?
    A: We'll announce something here on mikamobile.com. You can also follow MikaMobile on twitter if you're all plugged into the interwebz.
  • Q: I bought the game before the update, and now it won't let me download the new version! What gives?
    A: That's just the app store freaking out. Delete Zombieville USA off of your device and re-download it. Don't worry, it won't charge you for it again.

    Q: This game is too hard! Give me more ammo/health/money!

    A: The whole point of the game is making the most of your limited resources. That said, we realize some people just want to get a chainsaw and wave it around like there's no tomorrow. This is why we've added an easy mode to the game as of version 1.1. If easy-mode is still too frustrating for you, might I suggest a soothing game of solitaire instead?
  • Q: How many levels are there?
    A: The game goes on forever, until the zombies finally catch up to you and snack on your tasty brains. Theoretically the game maxes out at level 99, but I doubt its even possible to reach that high (since V.1.1, which removed the laser exploit.)

  • Q: My game lags every once in a while, what's the deal?

    A: Restarting your device should clear up most performance issues. The latest version of Zombieville is pretty rock solid, and all memory issues and performance hiccups should be a thing of the past.
  • Q: Can I have a promo code? I want to review Zombieville USA!
    A: We're fresh out.

    Q: Zombieville USA crashes my iPhone/iPod!

    A: Since the update to version 1.1 we've gotten practically zero crash reports, but just to be on the safe side... make sure your device has been restarted recently, and if you are using a jailbroken device, you mustn't use up too much of your limited RAM with mods and other software.
    If your device is not jailbroken, has been restarted recently, and still crashes constantly, there is something very wrong with your iPhone/iPod. Take it to the nearest Apple store or contact Apple customer service. And next time, don't submerge your iPhone in root beer.


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